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I just don’t get it.

I rescued a red tail boa today from a woman today. Apparently, they got the snake from a New York reptile show for their 15 year old son. They said when the snake was a baby it was “a great snake with lots of personality”. After a while the son lost interest (about a year ago) and stopped handling the snake. The mom and grandmother who lived in the house were terrified of the snake. They say now the son was scared of it. They never cleaned the tank. As you can see from the pictures above that there is almost a year worth of accumulated feces, urates, and shed skin.

What really gets me is the snake is a sweetheart. It didn’t hiss, strike at me, or bite me. It was a little awkward because it hasn’t been held in a while but after a few seconds it calms down and chills on my arms. There is no excuse to let an animal live in this condition. The snake is almost 4 feet long and lives in a 20 gallon long. Why is there outrage for dogs and cats kept in this condition and not reptiles? They had dogs and they didn’t look like they were in bad shape. Shouldn’t they have the common sense that no animal should live in its own shit for several months? I really don’t get it.

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  23. sparkledragom said: Yeah, there are a lot of people who should just not be allowed to have animals. Or at the very least, certain animals. These are some of those people.